Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sun Halyndliam's collection

The Divine and the Arcane, by Relegus Highword III, High Paladin of Suzail
The Pilgrimage into Light
The Parable of Piven the Pilferer 
The Fable of Giol, by Pardowin
The Collected Works of Balen Weatherfall
Confectionary Delights and the Pleasures of Pipeweed, by Balfling the Halfing
Quotations from Famous Poets and Bards
The Legend of Loegord
Truename Magic from the Moonshae Isles
The Seven Ages of Faerun
Lady Jmais's Treatise of Transformation
Illuminated Inscriptions 
Folio of Telestic Clans   
Eldritch Book of Coasts 
Volume of Half-Elves     
Lord Useli's Lexicon of Diabolism       
Grimoire of Forlorn Arts
Sage Luster's Compendium of Calamitous Conspiracies
Brother Sermak's Volume of Sorcery
Book of Faiths
The History of Elves
Gramarye and Grammar
A Walk Through the Wood by Foolspun Hardy
A Happy Occasion by Foolspun Hardy
The Green Grove by Foolspun Hardy