Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good Harvestide

The Host turned to the Wife from across the warm campfire. “Good Wife, I hope it would not be too much to ask you to relate another tale to us. This, our last night of the pilgrimage…the evening is young and you told us such a wonderful tale prior.”
The Wife looked up from her cold mutton and continued to chew. Many of the others turned towards her, interested in what her reply would be. With a slight nod from beneath the heavy hood, the Wife set her mutton down on her food cloth.
“Tell us a good one, fellow Wife,” bellowed Ren the Miller, clapping his hands together roughly. “I am in the mood for a warm tale!”
“If it is a warm tale you wish to hear, then it is a warm tale you shall receive.” The Wife’s raspy voice caught the attention of audience and they crouched closer as she began to unravel her tale….